Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Landscaping Ideas –Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Peaceful Retreat

Wherever you go, the homes and landscapes look so familiar. In the last half-century or so, houses were mass-produced, and front-yard landscapes were simplified to little more than a lawn, a few evergreen shrubs, and perhaps a specimen tree so that they could be installed quickly and affordably.

Although this plan seems good and easy for developers, but it has resulted in a homogenous landscape in which it is difficult to identify your own yard. To help you, here are few innovative landscape ideas that could make your outdoor space a unique and peaceful retreat. Keep reading…

Divide your space: Creating separate outdoor rooms are a wonderful technique for designing around a large open expanse. A hedge and trellis arbor offers a visual boundary that creates a sense of mystery of what lies on the other side.

Use odd numbers: Water features are some of the most fascinating landscape elements. Try this, have koi pond where wild landscape is accented with ceramic urns equipped with pumps so that they serve as fountains. It’s an informal, stylish look that is perfectly suited to the naturalistic surroundings.

Freeform is fun:  There are amazing varieties of pathway styles to choose from for your landscape. The stepping stones are a simple to install option that can be arranged to accommodate just about any layout. They are excellent when used in or across an expanse of lawn.

Add night lights: Landscape at night can draw as much attention as it is during the day. Proper lighting is the key, both for safety and to illuminate the charm of your design. Pools in the yard are incredibly alluring while the fire pit is a fascinating focal point that fairly screams, “Sit and relax”.

These are just a few ideas; you can find different amazing ideas when you hire the right landscape designer. For more details, visit


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